Absinthe Minded

Frank Ball & Jon Smith

Videos from Frank and Jon

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Frank's Videos      
        vocal "La. 1927" vow            "Human Nature"
vocal"You Can Leave Your Hat On"    "Ray's Mood"   
"Fields of Gold"         "Lately"
"Every Little Thing"
                 "Is This Love" VOW        "Englishman in NY"
        "It's Probably Me"          "Cafe Reggio"
"Dance With Me"                          "Playing for Time"
Voice of the Wetlands VOW              Free Loaders
Free Loaders 2                       " Maria Maria"
"Europa" VOW watercolor                    "A Day In The Life" vow
Frank w Tab Benoit vow                 Frank W Tab "I Got Loaded"
"softly as in an AM Sunrise"